"Should I keep it?" he always asks. 

I promise I never let it get out of control. I’m supposed to take care of him, keep him well-groomed. I can’t have him going to meetings looking like a homeless bum or a castaway.

"You look so much better, more virile, more manly, with the scruff, baby!" I I tell him. "Keep it just a day or two more, will you?"

But I must admit I have ulterior motives… He has no idea just how good it feels to pull my cute briefs down, his favorite pair, and allow him to eat me out with all that scruff on his face.

I think he’ll figure it out eventually, given that I moan about 15 times more intensely when there’s hair on his face, but I don’t think he’ll be mad. It’s a win-win. Stud gets to feel powerful and walk around the city like he’s King of all Men. I get to feel my entire existence tingle as he rubs his face against my pussy and tries to bury his tongue in my hole.

Hm. Maybe I need to hide that razor…

Haha, shhh, don’t let them know XD

Bois love the beard.